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Henkilökunta bloggaa 27.11.2013

International activities

The Culture for All Service and The Helsinki Deaconess Institute hosted an international meeting November 19th-22nd 2013. The guests came from Italy, France, Belgium and Denmark. Our Grundtvig project Culture - Inclusion - Participation examines the cooperation between social and cultural fields.

We picked some photos of the actionful week.

Many people around long table. There are picture cards on the table. One person is holding picture and looking towards another person.
We began our first day by learning to know each other with the help of art cards produced by Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki. Photo: Outi Salonlahti

People standing outside in a circle. A man is speaking holding his hand high.
In a workshop held by The Reality Research Center we observed the surroundings. Photo: Outi Salonlahti

A few people around the table. There are handicraft equipment on the table.
Making luminous tags (reflectors). Photo: Outi Salonlahti

People standing face towards the camera, arms raised, in a white empty space.
Body & Mind workshop at the Helsinki Deaconess Institute. Photo: Outi Salonlahti.

People sitting on chairs and a sofa in colourful space.
The Citizen Arena of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute.
Photo: Outi Salonlahti

People wearing funny costumes are on a theatre stage. The scenery reminds of ancient Greece or Rome.
Workshop held by the Theatre Museum at the Cable Factory. Photo: Rita Paqvalén

The whole group sits and stands on the theatre stage
Group picture at the Theatre Museum.
Photo: Milla Kortemaa

Seven people are discussing around a table. There are papers and cups on the table.
The project has four topics, one of which is the evaluation of socio-cultural projects. We focused on evaluation and indicators of impact in small working groups.
Photo: Outi Salonlahti

Nine people are making a human pyramid on a matress.
An interactive workshop held by Sirkus Magenta about the possibilities of social circus.
Photo: Sari Salovaara

People walking in grey weather on asphalt.
Walking down the Suvilahti.
Photo: Rita Paqvalén

People sitting on a sofa and on the floor. The give a long paper band to the next people. There is text on the paper.
"Frère Jacques" in Danish way. The lyrics on the paper band are about the meetings of the project.
Photo: Sari Salovaara

A woman is blowing bubbles to a mug, another woman is holding the microphone in front of the mug. Two men are looking at the woman at both sides, the other one is crouching.
MirO performed for us in the evening of the last day. He also included the audience into his performance. The artist believes that anything you can touch could be a music instrument.
Photo: Outi Salonlahti

The text was written and the pictures were chosen by Petr Potchinchtchikov and Outi Salonlahti

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