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Diversity Agents 7.12.2021

Diversity Agents on Svenska Yle!

Svenska Yle’s journalist Jenny Jägerhorn opens up the question of who is allowed to play which roles, who gets access to the stage and whose stories and from which perspectives are highlighted in the cultural scene. Jägerhorn raises that this is a current topic happening in many circles within the cultural industry as well as highlights how our Diversity Agents are trained to support the theaters and make the cultural field more inclusive. In the article, Anna Litewka-Anttolainen, Rita Paqvalén and Arlene Tucker share views on representation, colonialism and Diversity Agent 2.0 -course.

Excerpt from the article, translation from Swedish:

“In recent years, several debates about who can play who on stage or the screen have flared up. Last year it was about whether a cis-man, (those who are born as, perceive themselves as and are treated as men) can play a trans woman, due to the National Theatre's production of Pedro Almodóvar's All About My Mother. When the Helsinki City Theater searched for a trans woman for a musical in September this year, a debate arose again about who should play the role even before the casting had been decided.”

Read the whole article in Swedish here.

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