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From the beginning of 2020, the Kaikukortti  support and development service has been a permanent part of the Culture for All service.

The new Kaikukortti website has been published in 2020. Please see the new website for updated information: www.kaikukortti.fi.

In August 2021 Culture for All started a new project Well-being from culture for the elderly with the Kaikukortti (in Finnish: Hyvinvointia kulttuurista ikäihmisille Kaikukortilla) (8 / 2021-12 / 2022). Read more about the project (only in Finnish)

Well-being from culture for the elderly project is a joint project coordinated by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. The Culture for All service focuses on promoting equal participation in culture and cultural well-being of older people in a tight financial situation through the Kaikukortti activity. The Kaikukortti promotes economic and social accessibility. 

With the Kaikukortti card you can obtain free admission to theatres, festivals, adult education center courses or museums. 

Culture belongs to everybody even if they are financially hard pressed. The aim of Kaikukortti is to improve the opportunities of young people, adults and families to participate in cultural life and engage in arts.

What is Kaikukortti?

Kaikukortti is a card, with which you can obtain free admission tickets and get a place for free on courses at adult educational centres in the Kaikukortti networks. The card is personal and does not cost anything.

Who can get Kaikukortti?

You can get Kaikukortti if

  • you use as a client services provided by social welfare and health communities that are part of the Kaikukortti networks.
  • you are financially hard pressed and unable to attend cultural events or courses for that reason. 
  • you are over 16 years old. 

If there are under 16-year-old children in your family you can get free tickets with Kaikukortti for them too if you will attend the same event together. The children cannot however attend the adult education centre courses with you using Kaikukortti. 

How to get a Kaikukortti? 

You need to get your Kaikukortti card personally from one of the providers of social and healthcare services in the Kaikukortti network. You can apply for the card directly from the personnel. 

Community Kaikukortti

The price of tickets is not always the only obstacle to participation. One aim of Kaikukortti acitivity is to promote social inclusion.

Participating with a familiar small group or together with an employee may lower the obstacles of participation and promote social inclusion. 

Community Kaikukortti cards are available for employees of the social welfare and health communities that distribute Kaikukortti cards. An employee can get a free ticket with the community Kaikukortti when arranging a small group visit for Kaikukortti cardholders. Within community Kaikukortti the employee can get also free tickets to clients that are under 16 years old.

With the community Kaikukortti an employee can also participate in a cultural activity together with a client (alone) who is a Kaikukortti cardholder. The community Kaikukortti does not apply to the course supply of the adult education centres. 

Why was Kaikukortti developed?

The purpose of Kaikukortti is to advance the accessibility of culture and equal opportunities for cultural participation. It aims to support structural cooperation among the social, health and culture sectors. Kaikukortti supports social rehabilitation and brings the cultural supply into the reach of new audiences. With Kaikukortti operators in the field of culture can increase the utilization rate of their services and build up their role as active forces in society.

Kaikukortti supports the work of Finland’s regions and provinces in promoting wellbeing and can serve as an instrument to include culture in, for example, municipalities’ welfare reports, working groups on the promotion of health and wellbeing (HYTE- working groups), municipal welfare and health indicators and the ongoing (SOTE) reforms in the social and health sectors in Finland’s regions.

“We have been able to bring the element of culture as an enhancer of wellbeing into our operations, as without it our customers or service couldn’t afford it. Culture is important to me personally, as we’re not all sports people (Espoo offers a large amount of sports activities), so it’s a very good thing that we have this option!” (Employee at a social welfare and health community that distributes Kaikukortti 2016)

“[Kaikukortti] Increases accessibility in a scope of activity that is otherwise difficult to assess or define.”(Employee at a cultural venue that is part of the Kaikukortti network 2016). 

Where Kaikukortti is in use? 

Tens of municipalities and regions are involved in Kaikukortti activities. Each local network maintains its own Kaikukortti website that describes in more detail where the card can be obtained and used in the given locality.

Check out the list of municipalities and areas:

Localities (you will go to Kaikukortti.fi)

Kaikukortti on the national level 

The national Kaikukortti activities are coordinated by the Culture for All service with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Learn more about the project behind Kaikukortti (in Finnish). 

More information:
Mira Haataja
Senior Specialist, accessibility, Kaikukortti
tel. 0402136339

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