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We have collected information and tools for developing the accessibility of cultural services for actors in the field.

Our goal is to increase the information available about the accessibility of culture.

Please suggest your own information sources and experiences to these pages to be passed on to other workers in the field.

Also please tell which kind of information would be most usefull and what is lacking now.

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  • What is accessibility?

  • Guides

    This section contains information packages and guides for improving the accessibility of cultural services.

  • Checklists

    Checklists can be used to evaluate how accessible your premises and services are. A do-it-yourself survey may not be as valuable as a survey by a professional, but it can be of great help. Pay attention to the scope of the audit: Does it cover the physical environment and communications, as well as the services and products that you offer.

  • Symbols for communication

    A symbol is a marker or visual representation with the purpose of supporting communication, for example, in signage, at websites or in brochures. Symbols are helpful to all users of sites and services, including those who do not understand the local language and people with mobility or functional restrictions.

  • Examples and experiences

  • Strategies and plans

  • Research and reports

    On this page there are reports and research about the accessibility of cultural services.

  • Links

    Participation possibilities should be developed in co-operation with the experts from the field. We have collected lists of actors from the field.

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