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Me and White Supremacy book club & self-awareness group

Let’s read and go through the journal prompts that Layla Saad proposes in her book ‘Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor’. This group will meet eleven times on Wednesdays from 10-11am from November 2023 to June 2024 as the book is twenty-eight days of “reflective journaling and inner exaction”. This work is foundational and one huge step forward to, as Saad says, “create the change the world needs by creating change within yourself.” 

This book will walk you step-by-step through the work of examining:

  • Examining your own white privilege
  • What allyship really means
  • Anti-blackness, racial stereotypes, and cultural appropriation
  • Changing the way that you view and respond to race
  • How to continue the work to create social change

This group is open to all who would like to better dismantle racism and personally implement anti-racist practices into our daily lives on a personal and professional level. Join the challenge!

Participation is free of charge. Meetings take place via Teams. Email Arlene Tucker to register and for any inquiries about the group, arlene.tucker@cultureforall.fi.

While it is best if participants could come to the meetings regularly for personal and collective support, it is most important that one reads and journals and create their own personal commitment to doing the work. We are here for each other.
The book is in English. Discussions will be mainly held in English and in Finnish. For other language and communication capabilities, please let Arlene know so that we can best accommodate you and our group. You can purchase your own copy of the book or borrow it from the library. Bring your own journal.

To understand more about Saad’s book and journaling process, please go here: NPR's Me and White Supremacy Helps You Do the Work of Dismantling Racism.

Me and White Supremacy book club & self-awareness group is part of Diversity as a starting point for municipalities' art and culture activities in 2025 project.

Schedule. Meetings are held on Teams from 10-11:00 EET:

Meeting 1 on 8.11. We will review chapters:

  • You & White Privilege
  • You & White Fragility

Meeting 2 on 29.11. We will review chapters:

  • You & Tone Policing
  • You & White Silence
  • You & White Superiority

Meeting 3 on 20.12. We will review chapters:

  • You & White Exceptionalism
  • Part I Review
  • You & Color Blindness

Meeting 4 on 17.1. We will review chapters:

  • You & Anti-Blackness Against Black Women
  • You & Anti-Blackness Against Black Men
  • You & Anti-Blackness Against Black Children

Meeting 5 on 7.2. We will review chapters:

  • You & Racist Stereotypes
  • You & Cultural Appropriation

Meeting 6 on 14.2. We will review chapters:

  • Part II Review
  • You & White Apathy
  • You & White Centering

Meeting 7 on 20.3. We will review chapters:

  • You & Tokenism
  • You & White Saviorism
  • You & Optical Allyship

Meeting 8 on 17.4. We will review chapters:

  • You & Being Called Out/Called In
  • Part III Review

Meeting 9 on 24.4. We will review chapters:

  • You & White Feminism
  • You & White Leaders
  • You & Your Friends

Meeting 10 on 22.5. We will review chapters:

  • You & Your Family
  • You & Your Values
  • You & Losing Privilege

Meeting 11 on 12.6. We will review chapters:

  • You & Your Commitments
  • Now What? Continuing The Work After Day 28

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