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The Association For Culture on Equal Terms

The Association For Culture on Equal Terms (Yhdenvertaisen kulttuurin puolesta ry) has 25 members. Many of them are parent organizations of the culture field.

Personnel (presentations of the staff)

Memories from previous years:

Members of the board 2019. In the back row from left to right Elin Sundell, Roger Renman, Pauli Rautiainen and Hanna Helavuori. In the coach from left to right Juha Paaso, Ulla Arkoma and Tuuli Rajavuori. Missing from the picture Sepideh Rahaa, Tomi Purovaara, Viljami Wiirilinna & Anna Keto. Photo: Outi Salonlahti
Members of the board 2018.

Members of the board 2018. Vice member Mika Hakala is missing from the picture. Photo: Rita Paqvalén

Styrelse och personal

Members of the board and personnel 2015. Photo: Jenny Lucander-Holm.

11 människor i föreningens möte 2015

Photo: Outi Salonlahti 2015

Sturelse och personal
Photo: Pirjo Aalto 2013

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