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About us

The service operates nationally in the field of art and culture. Its objective is to offer information and support to cultural operators on questions connected with accessibility and diversity. The Culture for All Service collaborates in development work towards the inclusion of diverse audiences not only with art and cultural institutions but also with different audience groups.

The office of Culture for All is located in the Cable Factory in Helsinki.

The Culture for All Service was launched in 2003 and was run by the Community Relations and Development Department KEHYS of the Finnish National Gallery until June 2013. Now the service is run by an association called Yhdenvertaisen kulttuurin puolesta ry.

The service is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

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  • Services and cooperation

    We gladly offer our cooperation in developing accessible cultural services that reflect cultural diversity. Our aim is to develop and bring to communities cultural activities that welcome participation and inclusion.

  • Publications

    The Culture for All Service has produced web publications since 2004. Our publications can be freely downloaded and printed.

  • Projects

    Culture for All Service coordinates projects in the area of accesibility and diversity.

  • Kaikukortti

    From the beginning of 2020, the Kaikukortti  support and development service has been a permanent part of the Culture for All service.

    The new Kaikukortti website has been published in 2020. Please see the new website for updated information: www.kaikukortti.fi.

    In August 2021 Culture for All started a new project Well-being from culture for the elderly with the Kaikukortti (in Finnish: Hyvinvointia kulttuurista ikäihmisille Kaikukortilla) (8 / 2021-12 / 2022). Read more about the project (only in Finnish)

    Well-being from culture for the elderly project is a joint project coordinated by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. The Culture for All service focuses on promoting equal participation in culture and cultural well-being of older people in a tight financial situation through the Kaikukortti activity. The Kaikukortti promotes economic and social accessibility. 

  • Advocacy

    Culture for All Service aims to influence cultural policy on many levels.

  • The Association For Culture on Equal Terms

    The Association For Culture on Equal Terms (Yhdenvertaisen kulttuurin puolesta ry) has 25 members. Many of them are parent organizations of the culture field.

  • Contact details

  • The accessibility of our office

  • Safer space policy

    This is the safer space policy of Culture for All Service. We have not invented this policy ourselves. We have read different examples of safer space policies and edited and accommodated them to our work. This policy is not fixed: we develop them further with our collaboration partners. We update the policy when needed and when we learn something new. The last time we have updated this policy is on 16th March 2021.

  • Equality, anti-racism and accessibility in our own work

    We offer information and tools for workers in the cultural field to improve accessibility and knowledge of diversity. In this section, we talk about how equality, anti-racism and accessibility are reflected in our own activities.

  • Accessibility Statement

    This accessibility statement applies to the website www.cultureforall.fi. 

  • Privacy statement

    Updated 7.6.2023.

  • Sitemap

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