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Aino Laiho & Olga Green: Taka-ajatuksia – Baktankar – Ulterior Motives

A simple drawing, with the sign Haparanda on the left and Tornio on the right. In between, two ambulances, one coming from Torneå and the other from Haparanda. In the middle, a person is lying on the ground with a gin bottle.
Drawing by Olga Green.


3.–20.11.2022 Haparanda Railway Station

Information in Finnish Sign Language below!

The exhibition Taka-ajatuksia – Baktankar – Ulterior motives exhibition is the result of Aino Laiho’s and Olga Green's first joint residency and numerous conversations. During the fall, the artist duo has been working at the Haparanda Railway Station in the same space where the exhibition is now built. On display there will be drawings, paintings and installations, and some of the works also use the UV light effect.

Laiho and Green are Deaf Sign Language users, millennials and friends who live in the capital region. In the new environment of the artist residency in Haparanda, they have explored themes related to the border, especially between different languages and between the Deaf and the hearing. The working methods of the artists are different in style, but they are united by the same sense of humour and enthusiasm to observe the surrounding reality.

Green is a self-taught artist who is particularly distinguished by her insightful and sympathetic line drawings. During the residency period, Green also wanted to try new techniques, such as stencil painting. Laiho is a designer by training and after feeling disconnected from making art for a few years, has found the joy in it again. During the fall, she has been most inspired to create three-dimensional works that take a stand.

The exhibition at the Haparanda Railway Station is the first solo exhibition for both artists. You can follow the work of the artist duo on Instagram on the Muukalaiset rajalla account (@muukalaiset_rajalla).


The opening of the exhibition will be on Thursday, November 3rd at 2 pm (Finnish time). Warm welcome!

About the project Making space for artistry

The exhibition is part of project Making space for artistry - equity for disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users. The project is coordinated by Culture for All Service and funded by Kone Foundation. The aim is to strengthen the professional opportunities and equity of disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users in the art field.

One part of the project are the residencies that are organized together with the Aine Art Museum. The aim is to find creative solutions for the residency work of disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users. In the spring of 2022 we held an open call for artists for the residencies and the exhibitions, and altogether six artists were chosen. The artists will work in residencies during the autumn and each artist will hold an exhibition in different spaces in Tornio and Haparanda. In 2023, a group exhibition of all those who worked in the residency will be held at the Aine Art Museum. 

Haparanda Railway Station

Free entrance to the exhibition. The space is accessible, there is a lift to the exhibition space. There is an accessible parking place at the railway station. There are tactile indicators on the station platform and in the waiting area.

Address: Järnvägsgatan 21, 953 37 Haparanda

The exhibition is open (Finnish time):

Wednesday 13–19, Thursday 13–19, Friday 13–19, Saturday 13–17, Sunday 13–17.

The exhibition is open (Swedish time):

Wednesday 12–18, Thursday 12–18, Friday 12–18, Saturday 12–16, Sunday 12–16.

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