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Diversity Training and Dialogue Cards Workshops

Visual artist: Alexandra Burda

We offer diversity-related training and facilitate dialogue cards workshops. We are also open to collaborating in organizing training sessions around Finland. Get in touch! 

Diversity Training 

Have you ever thought about...

  • All the different elements of multiculturalism? 
  • What constitutes racism and what doesn't? 
  • How to communicate with a person from a culture unfamiliar to you? 
  • How to address diversity in the workplace? 
  • How to create an equality plan? 

The training antiracist tools and reflects on ways to understand and operate in an organization that values diversity. The training also delves into self-awarenss of one’s own power and privilege and  the dismantling of structural racism.

Starting by examining one's own identity, culture, and attitude towards the "other." 

The training aims to awaken the ability to recognize factors that guide one's thinking and actions. The purpose is to generate insights based on personal experiences. The goal is to strengthen communication skills and provide tools for positive encounters. The training incorporates diverse methods including group work and discussions. 

Diversity agents offer packages such as: 

Martina Marti and Tal Riva Theodorou: Unconscious Biases

Paula Folqués Diago and Maija Karhunen: Disability, Ableism and Diversity

Dialogue Cards Workshops 

Would you like to be a pioneer in themes related to cultural diversity and sustainable development? Initiate change in the arts and culture field with Dialogue Cards! These cards help to explore concepts of cultural diversity and sustainable development, advancing equality and sustainability in arts and cultural services. 

Dialogue cards are used in workshops. Among the diversity agents of Culture for All Service, there are certified dialogue card facilitators who lead workshop discussions. Our diversity expert Arlene Tucker is available to answer queries and assist in finding a suitable facilitator: arlene.tucker@cultureforall.fi, phone: 0451160518. 

Certified dialogue cards facilitators are: 

Anastasia Artemeva 
Paula Folqués Diago 
Laura Gazzotti 
Olesia Kova 
Anna Litewka-Anttolainen 
Kemê Pellicer 
Tatiana Solovieva 
Tal Riva Theodorou 
Ilaria Tucci 
Arlene Tucker 
Sheung Yiu 

Dialogue cards workshops last approximately three hours and are conducted according to the principles of safer spaces. Participants can reflect on how cultural diversity and sustainable development manifest in the workplace and how organizations can develop their practices to be more equitable and sustainable, aligning with their community values. The aim is to achieve tangible changes. 

The dialogue cards for cultural diversity and sustainable development are a result of collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, as part of the activities of the Working Group on Cultural Policy, Immigrants, and the Promotion of Cultural Diversity. 

Read more about the dialogue cards and order cards and facilitator here: Dialogue Cards (link to taike.fi) 

Diverse and Accessible Arts and Cultural Practitioner 

It is possible to order customized training or development days tailored to your needs related to diversity and the accessibility of services from the Culture for All service. The intention is to provide cultural institution representatives with training tailored specifically to their needs, situations, and challenges, beneficial for everyday work.  

The training began by reflecting on what constitutes "us" thinking and who are the "others" whose accessibility we aim to improve. Once the definition of the "us-group" became clearer, we explored how we view "different audiences." Are they customers, guests, or part of us? Lastly, we considered what could be the means or reasons for diverse audiences to flock to museums in droves. 

Check out other training sessions we offer as well. 

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