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Anastasia Artemeva

Anastasia Artemeva.

Areas of expertise: contemporary and public art, art exchange, human rights research, cross-disciplinary connection, cultural production

Contact info: anastasia.artemeva(a)outlook.com

Links: Anastasia Artemeva website

Anastasia Artemeva is a visual and socially-engaged artist and researcher. Anastasia was born in Moscow, Russia, and lived in Ireland for many years before moving to Helsinki. Her socially-engaged creative projects are aimed at exploring and creating space for communication and interaction. Conceptually, its activities are based on codes of social norms and accepted truths, which are influenced by socio-political, cultural and personal limitations and boundaries. Anastasia works in the genre of art installation, performance, creates artwork for theatrical productions and conducts art workshops. 

She graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design (Ireland) with a BA in 2012, and from Aalto University (Finland) in 2016, and exhibited artistic work in Ireland, Russia, Finland, Sweden and the UK. Recent projects include Prison Outside - art and research work on issues of incarceration. Anastasia has received training in Criminology, as well as Human Rights protection studies. She has worked in collaboration with Helsinki Prison (Helsingin Vankila), Kriminaalihuollon tukisäätiö, M-cult, and Esitystaiteen Keskus, International School of Helsinki, amongst many other institutions. She is always happy to find new and unexpected connections.

Photo credits: Kirill Reznik

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