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The accessibility of our office

Please refrain from wearing perfume

We ask our event participants, our guests and our personnel to arrive to our office and our events fragrance free. Please do not use perfume, aftershave and other fragrances. We use fragrance-free hand soaps and cleaning products in our office.

There are about half a million of people who are sensitive to scents in Finland, and for them strong scents of people next to them can cause headaches, nausea or other symptoms. Reducing fragrances is a small act you can do to make others feel better. Thank you for your consideration!

How to get to the office?

The office of Culture for All Service is at the Cable Factory. Our street address is Tallberginkatu 1, inner court, staircase D, 5th floor, 00180 Helsinki. (The postal address is Tallberginkatu 1/48, 00180 Helsinki.)

If you arrive by taxi or want to order a taxi to our office, please ask the driver to drive via Tallberginkatu to the inner court of the Cable Factory and in front of staircase D.

If you arrive from the direction of the metro station or tram stop, the shortest route is to pass through the new Glass Courtyard to the inner court. When coming from the direction of the metro, Glass Courtyard has an accessible entrance on the right-hand-side, the door can be opened with a button. However, the doors facing the inner court are not automated and are difficult to open. If you need help opening the doors, ask for help from the info point of the Cable Factory at the Glass Courtyard (open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.). You can also call the info, tel. 0947638300. If the info is not open, you can call the staff of the Culture for all Service (e.g. Outi Salonlahti, tel. 040 963 9908, see also our other contact information).

If you come via Tallberginkatu to the inner court of the Cable Factory, there are no doors before staircase D.

International symbol of accessibility.

Accessible entrance

On the left side of staircase D, there is a big elevator. Go with the elevator to 5th floor and you will be right in front of our office door, which is on the left-hand side. The entrance to our office is accessible, but if the door is locked, please ring the doorbell.

Problems with the accessibility of the elevator

International symbol of accessibility.Symbol of toilet (wc).

Accessible toilet

There is no accessible toilet at our office.

The accessible toilet at staircase D

Accessible toilet, free space on the righthand side.Our office is at staircase D. At the basement of the staircase D (0. floor) is one accessible toilet. The toilet has one-sided access (there is enough space only on the right-hand side of the toilet seat).

0. floor can be reached by an accessible elevator. which is directly in front of our office. On the route to the toilet, there is one doorway, where there are heavy fire doors. Otherwise the route is accessible.

The accessible toilet at staircase C

Accessible toilet, free space on the left-hand side.

Another accessible toilet is in the staircase C, 1st floor at the Cable Factory. The toilet has one-sided access (there is enough space only on the left-hand side of the toilet seat).

The route to the accessible toilet is accessible from our office, except there are closed, heavy fire doors at the hallways of the 5th floor. Near staircase C there is a big elevator. The buttons of the elevator are installed quite high (1000-1420 mm) and the elevator has a heavy door and a collapsible door.

You can enter the accessible toilet also via the main door of the Cable Factory (left side of the C door). There is a ramp to the door from the inner court of the Cable Factory (the slope of the ramp is about 11 %).

Problems with accessibility of the toilet in the staircase C

  • The diameter of the free space (between the toilet seat, door and the sink) is only 1060 mm.
  • The handle of the door, sink, coat rack, the rack of the toilet paper, hand towels, door pull, and soap dispenser have been installed quite high (approximately one meter high).

Symbol of accessible parking.

Accessible parking

There are two accessible parking spaces near the staircase D. The parking time has been limited to four hours. The width of the parking spaces are only 2950 mm and 3050 mm.
International symbol of accessibility.

Accessible routes inside the office

Our office is otherwise accessible to move around, except the doorways are only 830 mm wide.

The kitchenette is not accessible.

Symbol of induction loop.

Induction loop

We have a transferable induction loop, which can be installed to the meeting room or elsewhere at our office if needed. 

Symbol of assistant dogs.

Service dogs

Assistant dogs, guide dogs and other service dogs are welcome to our office. Also, there are service dogs working at our office regularly.

More information about the accessibility of our office:

Outi Salonlahti, 040 963 9908, outi.salonlahti@cultureforall.fi.

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