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Associations and organizations

Some of these organizations are based in Finland and some abroad.


Catalysti - Transcultural Artists in Finland

Catalysti is a new association, founded in 2013, to make artists of non-Finnish origin more visible and audible. It gathers transcultural artists living and working in Finland, and is also open to Finnish artists with a transcultural background.

Diversify the Stage

Diversify the Stage is a network of industry professionals, and community engagement organizations collectively working to build a culture of accountability to establish more inclusive hiring practices and greater access to equitable opportunities in live music, events and touring industries.

Diversity Arts Culture

Diversity Arts Culture is a design and consultation office for diversity development in the cultural sector, based in Berlin. We aim to make arts and culture accessible to all and to break down barriers, so that we can bring exciting art from diverse perspectives to the cultural sector.
Diversity Arts Culture

Familia Club ry

Multicultural association Familia Club ry brings together Finnish people interested in multicultural issues and immigrants with different language and cultural backgrounds. The aim is to promote equality and non-discrimination in the Finnish society, and also to prevent racism and alienation.

The Family Federation´s Centre for Multicultural Expertise

The Family Federation´s Centre for Multicultural Expertise functions as a centre for expertise and resources on psychosocial issues concerning immigrants, particularly relating to family life, childrearing and parenthood.

Feminist Culture House (FCH)

Feminist Culture House (FCH) is an intersectional feminist organisation based in Helsinki, Finland, working with and for underrepresented artists and arts workers.
Feminist Culture House (FCH)

The Globe Art Point

The Globe Art Point is a center of information and action for professional foreign artists resident in Finland. Its task is to promote equality and integration in Finnish art and culture sector in collaboration with other organisations and institutes. The center, opening during 2017, collects and distributes information, organises events and projects, supports artists´ employment and acts an advocate and representative of artists. The Globe Art Point is established and maintained by the International Artists´ Center Finland association.

Interkult Kassandra

Interkult Kassandra (Kassandra association) is a nationwide culture hub founded on 2000 which aims to promote interculturalism through art and culture. Through it’s activities Interkult Kassandra enables encounters between people and cultures and promotes intercultural understanding and tolerance.

Moniheli ry

Network of multicultural associations in Finland

Museum of Impossible Forms

Museum of Impossible Forms - M{if}is a cultural centre located in Kontula, East-Helsinki. For us the Museum is a space in flux – a contested space representing a contact zone, a space of unlearning, formulating identity constructs, norm-critical consciousness and critical thinking, already containing within it the potential for the para museum, the counter museum, the anti museum.

The Museum of the African Diaspora

The Museum of the African Diaspora is an international museum collaborating with institutions all over the globe sharing similar visions. The focus is on the African diaspora, drawing knowledge from museums, institutes and private citizens. Information and stories.

RAMPD - Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities

RAMPD connects the music, entertainment and event industries to a fast-growing global network of established music professionals with disabilities. Founded in May of 2021 by award-winning recording artist and advocate Lachi, RAMPD came about after a public talk between the Recording Academy and several disabled artists revealed that there is a serious lack of visibility, access, and representation for professional disabled artists.

Roadies of Color United

Roadies of the Color United International Social Network is comprised of a diverse group of professionals in the entertainment services, concert touring and live entertainment industries.

The Social Network Group and the newly formed Professional Association is an organization where professionals in the entertainment services and live concert touring industries can unite, network, promote each other and collaborate in order to help a more diverse and inclusive music industry.


Seta is a national non-governmental advocacy organization for LGBTI rights.


Hilma- the Support Center for Immigrants with Disabilities promotes the rights and equal opportunities for disabled and chronically ill immigrants in Finnish society.

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