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Queercache 27 June–30 July 2017

Queercache logo banner with coordinates

Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger
Community environmental art project, 2017

Queercache Helsinki lends its form and structure from the popular pastime of geocaching, where objects hidden in the environment are sought using GPS. The caches of the project tell of places, experiences and events in the Helsinki region that have been important to transpeople and members of minorities within the queer minority, such as language minorities or persons with disabilities. Six persons took part in the planning of the project and it was realized as part of the Finland 100 – In Rainbow Colors project.

You can search for queercaches during 27 June–30 July , and follow them also at queercache.blogaaja.fi and facebook.com/queercache.

Planning team

Fredrika Biström, Visa Immonen, Netsai Jacks, Aaro Kalliokoski, Maija Saksman and Jaana Tiiri

Thank you to everyone who helped realize the project

The Helsinki City Museum, HeSeta – Together group, HeSeta – Kahden, Vähemmistön väkeä, Veikko  Halmetoja, Hassen Hnini, Antti Järvi, Topi Kanniainen, Rita Paqvalén, Hannele Rantala, Kalle Ranto, Katriina Rosavaara, Minna Uimonen, Sami Vitikainen, Eva Isaksson, Tiia and all those who wished to remain anonymous.

Welcome to Queercache!

  1. Choose queercache
  2. Feed coordinates directly into e.g. Google Maps...
  3. …or if you have a GPS app in your smartphone or a handheld GPS unit feed the coordinates into it. You can also download a GPX file into your GPS device on Facebook.
  4. Start searching for the queercache with your phone, GPS device or map
  5. Helpful hints are given together with the coordinates


  • ...not to cause damage to nature or public or private property when searching for caches
  • ...to leave the cache unaltered for the next seekers

If a cache has been removed or destroyed or is lacking some part, please notify Kalle Hamm empatiabarometri(a)gmail.com

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