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Culture - Inclusion - Participation

Culture for All participates in a learning partnership "Culture - Inclusion - Participation" in 2013-2014. The project is financed by the Grundtvig programme of adult education, which is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

The project "Culture - Inclusion - Participation" examined the co-operation possibilities between the social and cultural organizations, the promotion of accessibility of cultural services for people living in vulnerable positions and cultural activities as a part of social work. The project focused on participation possibilities to cultural life and on culture as a factor of empowerment and citizenship.

In the project experiences and good practices were shared between five European countries. The Finnish partners are Culture for All Service and the Helsinki Deaconess Institute. The partner from Denmark is the cultural cultural center Klaverfabrikken. Article 27 association promotes cooperation between social and cultural field in Belgium. The French partner is the national union of organizations against social exclusion Fédération Nationale des Associations d´Accueil et de Réinseration Sociale
. From Italy the partner is the union of the social organizations in Toscana Coordinamento Toscano Comunità d´Accoglienza (CTCA).

During the project every partner hosted a visit, during which the partners learned about the activities of the hosting organization and about the connections between social and cultural organizations in each country.

The first meeting was held in Denmark, in the city of Hillerød at the culture center Klaverfabrikken 21.-25.1.2013. The second meeting was in Southern France in four different cities 27.-29.6.2013. The third meeting was in Helsinki 19.-22.11.2013. The fourth meeting was held in Brussels 24.-26.2.2014 and the fifth meeting in Toscana area 4.-6.6.2014.

A group photo of Culture - Inclusion - Participation participants in Denmark, at the culture centre Klaverfabriken
In Denmark the whole group worked together at the culture center Klaverfabriken. Photo: Klaverfabriken. 

For the Culture for All Service the participation in the project includes familiarising ourselves with the co-operation models between the social and cultural organizations in Finland. The practices in the other partner counties are compared to the Finnish practices. Our aim is to find and share tools and good practices for the cultural field to improve the participation possibilities to art and culture for people in difficult positions.

In Finland the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme is administrated and carried out by CIMO. CIMO is an organisation for international mobility and cooperation.


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