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You can collaborate with the Culture for All Service in the planning and implementation of training.

The training contents are customized according to the client´s needs. The extent of the training can range from brief bulletins or seminar presentations to training projects lasting several days. Through the Culture for All Service you can reach experts in various fields.

Cooperation in organizing training can be carried out in regions throughout Finland.

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Examples of training topics

  • Developing cultural services that welcome participation and inclusion and take diverse audiences into account
  • Developing the accessibility of a cultural site
  • Developing knowledge between cultures
  • How to develop communications to take diverse clients into account
  • Improving access to culture for a specific target group
  • How to prepare a strategy to improve accessibility
  • Good service for clients with mobility or functional concerns
  • What to take into account in renovation building

Diversity Agents

Would you like to know how to make your work environment or project more diverse and inclusive? Would you like your institution to be more diversity-minded?
Diversity Agents are a network of arts and culture professionals who have multicultural backgrounds, strategic diversity skills as well as knowledge and experience of the work ethic in Finland. In addition, they have extensive creative and problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate information in an engaging and constructive way.
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