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Anna Litewka-Anttolainen

Anna Litewka-Anttolainen.

Areas of expertise: Culture events and production, film and media education, youth inclusion

Languages: Polish, Finnish, English 

Contact info: anialitewka(a)gmail.com

Anna Litewka-Anttolainen has a MA in Polish and Classical Studies from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan as well as a MA degree in Cultural Production in Creative Industries from Oulu University of Applied Sciences. She is a humanist and cultural producer actively involved in actions for diversity, migrant inclusion and cultural equity in the arts and culture sector. She is especially interested in projects aimed at developing a new, innovative and creative approach to promote diversity and intercultural dialogue as well as developing strategic collaboration between local cultural institutions and different immigrant associations and their communities. Anna is a Member of the Immigrants Council of the city of Oulu. 

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