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Museums and cultural heritage

Scripted or spontaneous? Two approaches to audio describing visual art in museums

A research article on audio description in museums by Maija Hirvonen and Betta Saari (2022). They report on a comparative analysis of two approaches to live audio-describing (AD) visual art in museums: the first case is a tour with scripted AD (the guide reads written descriptions out loud), and the second case is spontaneous AD (AD is intertwined with the guide’s talk).

Museums for all. Translation and Interpreting for Multimodal Spaces as a Tool for Universal Accessibility

Catalina Jiménez Hurtado, Claudia Seibel and Silvia Soler Gallego reflect on the theoretical foundations of Audio Visual Translation and consider how these are projected in the creation of new professional profiles, with specific application to universal accessibility in the museums.

Museums for all. Translation and Interpreting for Multimodal Spaces as a Tool for Universal Accessibility [link to the article in PDF]

The Joy of Touching

Rodica Silvia Pop writes in her report "The joy of touching. Peer cultural education for the visually impaired" that museums can encourage individual participation of the visually impaired by making their collections accessible.

The joy of touching [PDF]

Records from a Seminar on Accessibility on Exhibitions

The seminar Accessibility on Exhibitions was held on the 14-15 May, 2009 at Upplandsmuseet, Uppsala. The records from the seminar aim to offer inspiration backed by social theory, good practice and practical experience, towards improving accessibility in exhibitions.

Accessibility in exhibitions [PDF]

Accessibility to Cultural Heritage - Nordic Perspectives

The publication results from the project "Accessibility to cultural heritage" (2007-2009) in which experts from the central heritage authorities in the Nordic countries, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers, examined together the consequences of the proposition that everybody should have access to cultural heritage.

Accessibility to cultural heritage [PDF]

Making Cultural Heritage Truly Inclusive Conference Publication

The Conference Publication includes articles from chosen conference speakers of the conference Making Cultural Heritage Truly Inclusive, which was organized in Helsinki 11-12 October 2007 by the Finnish National Gallery, the National Museum of Finland and the Finnish Museums Association.

Making cultural heritage truly common conference publication [DOC]
Making Cultural Heritage Truly Inclusive Conference Publication [PDF]

The Right to Art

Robert Hewison and John Holden from Demos tackle the issue of why members of certain social classes do not visit museums or other visual art services even though the entry would be free. What kinds of other factors have become as barriers?

Right to art [PDF]

Welcome to the Museum?

In her article, "Welcome to the Museum? The Finnish National Gallery Promotes Cultural Equality in Finland" Sari Salovaara speaks of the activities of the Culture of All Service and more broadly on accessibility projects in Finland.

Welcome to the museum? [DOC]
Welcome to museum? [PDF]


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