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Lisa Kalkowski

Lisa Kalkowski.

Areas of expertise and interest: performing arts, dance, language learning and teaching, pedagogy in general, museums, performative teaching / Theatre in Education, club production, festival management, workshop facilitation, wellbeing in culture & arts, anti-racist & feminist working practices, audience outreach and networking.

Contact info: kalkowski.lisa@gmail.com

Working languages: English, Finnish, German 

Lisa Kalkowski is a cultural producer, theatre teacher and diversity agent based in Helsinki, Finland. Lisa studied Theatre Studies, Political Science, Museology, Theatre Teaching, Linguistics and Arts Management in Berlin and Helsinki.  

Lisa’s academic research and interest has been focusing on performative teaching approaches and audience-centered experiences. Lisa currently works as the producer of UrbanApa and the Finnish Bioart Society. She taught an international non-professional theatre group in Helsinki for three years. Lisa’s dearest project and biggest inspiration is #StopHatredNow, a discursive platform she has been working on since 2020.

As a Diversity Agent Lisa’s vision is to deepen the general understanding of anti-discriminatory practices in the arts field and support the implementation of knowledge and practices in education - from primary school to university. 


UrbanApa website

Bioart Society

Stop Hatred Now campaign

Photo credit: Anno Proosvelt
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