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What is accessibility?

A welcoming and open attitude to diversity is the key to developing better services. It is the foundation for all access-development initiatives. An awareness of diverse audiences is required during all stages of planning, financing and production.

An accessible cultural site offers everyone an opportunity to take part and to gain new experiences. Here are some points to consider when improving accessibility.

  • Attitudes

    Do we make new visitor groups welcome?
    Are staff members open-minded about diversity?

  • Accessible communication

    Does our information reach new visitor groups effectively?
    Do we provide information in several alternative ways?

  • Accessible pricing

    Are entrance fees reasonable?
    Are there free events?
    Do our shop and café sell products that, say, a family can afford?

  • Accessibility of the built environment

    Is our building physically accessible?

  • Sensory access

    Have the various ways that people use their senses been taken into account in our exhibitions, events, performances and other services?

  • Intellectual access

    Can people gain new experiences and information from our offerings, even if they have no previous knowledge of the subject?
    Have varied types of learning been considered?

  • Social access

    Do our exhibitions, performances and other events reflect the interests and life experiences of our various target groups?

  • Policies and action plans

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