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Irina Duskova

Irina Duskova.

Areas of expertise and interest: intercultural communication, performing arts, touring and mobility, festival management, workshop facilitation, service design.

Contact info: duskova.irina@gmail.com
Working languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian, Finnish.

Irina Duskova is a cultural manager, theatre producer, curator, agent and diversity agent living in Helsinki. She has studied Theatre Management at the Lithuanian Theatre and Music Academy and International Cultural Policy Studies at Warwick University, UK.

Her way into the world of theatre started when Irina was 10 years old in a school theatre group in Vilnius, Lithuania. Having worked in the field for over 15 years, she has produced, managed and curated performing art festivals in Lithuania, Finland, Kazakhstan, USA; facilitated seminars and workshops for young theatre managers; organised numerous tours of theatre and dance companies around the world. Currently, Irina is starting a new collaboration with Hamburg based agency for dance mobility and expanding it to Finnish theatre companies.

As a Diversity Agent, Irina is interested in anti-discriminatory practices and non-violent communication in the performing arts field. "I believe in action, and now is the best time to start acting upon one's own biases and learn something new for our diverse future. I would be honoured to work with people/companies and create custom made solutions for their needs."

Photo credit: Maria Baranova-Suzuki

Irina Duskova on LinkedIn.

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