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Symbols for communication

A symbol is a marker or visual representation with the purpose of supporting communication, for example, in signage, at websites or in brochures. Symbols are helpful to all users of sites and services, including those who do not understand the local language and people with mobility or functional restrictions.

Among the standardized symbols relating to access are the international ISA symbol and the European ETSI induction loop symbol. Symbols of access are similar all around the world and thus universally understandable. One should however keep in mind that the designer of the symbol has the copyright in it. When symbols are used as part of communication they should also be verbally explained.

The symbols of the Culture for All symbol bank can be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes. The symbol bank also contains information on standardized symbols. Go to Culture for All symbol bank.

  • Using symbols

    Before symbols are used one should ensure that a site or service meets with accessibility standards. This can prevent situations where, for example, a symbol is used carelessly and an elevator turns out not to have enough space. The checklists available on this website can be used to help in the assessment of the accessibility of a site.

  • Culture for All symbol bank

    The symbol bank of the Culture for All Service contains symbols created both at the Culture for All Service and in the course of the Helsinki for All project. They can be used freely for non-commercial purposes.

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