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Checklists can be used to evaluate how accessible your premises and services are. A do-it-yourself survey may not be as valuable as a survey by a professional, but it can be of great help. Pay attention to the scope of the audit: Does it cover the physical environment and communications, as well as the services and products that you offer.

Culture for all has produced some checklists. Most of them are at the moment available only in Finnish and/or Swedish.

Accessibility and diversity checklist for museums 

The checklist serves as a support for considering different aspects of accessibility and for developing your own ideas. The checklist serves as a to-do-list, a tool to support the development of ideas in the daily life of a museum. You can detach parts from the list and adapt them to your own needs, such as exhibition planning, communications development, notes for customer service desks, training material etc. Please note that both a PDF version and an accessible DOCX version of the checklist have been published. It may be easier to edit parts of the DOCX version and adapt them to your own needs. Published 2022 by Culture for All Service and ICOM Finland.

Shape Arts: Making Events Accessible

You can adapt this short guide to suit your audiences and to fit in with your organisation’s communication style.

MLA's checklists

The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) in England provides tools for evaluating accessibility. MLA's web pages offer eg. the following tools under the headline "Helping to make your services and institutions more accessible"

  • Access for all Toolkit (PDF), which enables inclusion in museums, libraries and archives.
  • Disability Checklist, which is an easy to use checklist to identify existing good practice and areas for improvement.
  • Disability Portfolio, which is a collection of 12 guides on how best to meet the needs of disabled people as users and staff in museums, archives and libraries. It gives invaluable advice, information and guidance to help overcome barriers and follow good practice.
  • Cultural Diversity Checklist (PDF), which is an easy to use checklist to identify existing good practice and areas for improvement.
  • Revisiting Collections Toolkit, which is a toolkit for the capture of information to enhance the meaning and significance of museum collections for new and culturally diverse audiences.

Accessibility criteria for universities

This criteria is a tool for universities and universities of applied sciences. It was developed by OHO! project 2017-2019.

Accessibility Criteria for universities (PDF)
Accessibility Criteria for universities (Docx)
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