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The Aine Art Museum's facade photographed from a diagonal. Light-coloured brick building, architecture's style maybe from the 1990's. On the facade there is a large poster with the text
Photo: Eija Mäkivuoti.

Making space for artistry -project's artist residencies and exhibitions in Tornio and Haparanda

The Culture for All Service has launched the project Making space for artistry - equality for disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users. The two-year project is funded by the Kone Foundation. In cooperation with the Aine Art Museum and the cities of Tornio and Haparanda and the participating artists, we will organize artist residencies from August to December 2022 and produce exhibitions in Tornio and Haparanda. We aim to make working in a residency possible especially for disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users.

In the spring of 2022 we held an open call for artists for the residencies and the exhibitions. The selected artists are:

Sofia Karinen.

Sofia Karinen is a 21-year-old Finnish-French visual artist studying at Liminka Art School. In her paintings she focuses on her everyday environment and the surrounding nature.

Aino Laiho and Olga Green.

The artist duo Aino Laiho and Olga Green, who are Sign Language users, will explore the opportunities for joint artistic expression created by safe space, interaction and play. They work experimentally with a variety of techniques and materials.

Kari Toiviainen.

Kari Toiviainen is a multidisciplinary professional with cerebral palsy. He works in the fields of theater and audiovisual expression. In the residency he will be working on a series of video art works with the local community.

Maarit Hedman and Anu Haapanen.

Maarit Hedman and Anu Haapanen will work on an exhibition consisting of mixed media, acrylic paintings and charcoal drawings. In their works, they engage in a dialogue on darkness between an artist who sees and an artist who has lost their sight.

The artists will receive the Kone Foundation's artist grant to work at the Viippola residency in Tornio and at the Swedish-Finnish Folk High School in Haparanda. The artists will work for varying periods during the autumn of 2022.

At the end of the residency period, each artist will hold an exhibition in different premises in Tornio and Haparanda (Galleria Tila in Tornio, Rajala Shopping Center, Haparanda Library, Haparanda Railway Station, exhibition space Jala in Haparanda). In 2023, a group exhibition of all those who worked in the residency will be held at the Aine Art Museum. 

Making space for artistry - equality for disaled artists and artists who are Sign Language users is an extensive two-year project by Culture for All, funded by the Kone Foundation. The aim is to strengthen the professional opportunities and equal standing of disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users in the art field. One part of the project are the residencies that are carried out together with the Aine Art Museum and that aim to make space for artists to work on their own terms. For disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users, working in a residency has so far been almost impossible. Residencies are not accessible and often there is no regard for flexibility or individual support for the artist. Now the aim is to find creative and experimental solutions for disabled artists’ residency work. The aim is also to share the results of the work with other residency actors and the field of art in Finland and internationally.

Do you have any questions? Contact project manager Maija Karhunen, e-mail maija.karhunen@cultureforall.fi and tel. +358 40 166 2827.

The Aine Art Museum website

Photos of the artists:

Sofia Karinen, photo by Cecile Rousselet

Aino Laiho ja Olga Green, photo by Silva Belghiti

Kari Toiviainen, photo by Tommi Niukkanen

Maarit Hedman, photo by Markku Hedman

Anu Haapanen, photo by Satu Haapanen

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The Aine Art Museum's logo.

City of Tornio's logo.

City of Haparanda's logo.

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