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Multilingual Month / Satakielikuukausi celebrates lingual diversity

In the Multilingual Month blog, texts are published weekly. The Multilingual Month / Satakielikuukausi program also includes poetry club nights, fairytale nights, workshops and other events. The program approaches multilingualism from different perspectives, creates opportunities for meetings across language boundaries and discusses how identities are formed through languages. Events in connection with Multilingual Month are arranged around Finland.

Multilingual Month / Satakielikuukausi celebrates annually mother tongues, multilingualism and language diversity. It invites organizations and individuals to explore and celebrate mother tongues and languages. Multilingual Month takes place between 21.2. International Mother Language Day (Unesco) and 21.3. International Day against Racism (UN) and the World Poetry Day (UN) and it spreads to cultural centers, libraries, schools and homes. The Multilingual Month challenges everyone to reflect on the importance of mother tongue and languages ​​through art, meetings and joint action. The month is celebrated in Finland under the term Satakielikuukausi and elsewhere in the Nordic region under the name Multilingual Month.

Multilingual Month / Satakielikuukausi is coordinated in Helsinki by the Multilingual Library in collaboration with Culture for All.

Read more about the Satakielikuukausi programme on the Satakielikuukausi webpages.

And the blog on Multilingual Month webpages.

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