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Diversity means that differences relating to people´s identities are respected in a safe and positive atmosphere. In society the diversity takes in all special and minority groups. At its core lies the idea of different individuals and communities that respect the differences between them. The differences can be based on, for example, gender, sexuality, social and economic status, age, physical properties, disability, appearance, religion, language, cultural distinctions, ethnicity, political views or different ideologies and beliefs.

In the cultural field diversity relates to questions of how the distinct cultures of special and minority groups are taken into account in services and acquisitions, and in recording and documenting. It is also important whether attention is paid in the service supply to the interests and experiences of different audiences. Can they find things in it they can relate to and does it bring into focus different experiences and minority cultures?

The goal of the Culture for All Service is an equal society where all people have the opportunity to participate in a diverse cultural life. We support recognition of diversity and awareness of attitudes by offering information, training and tools.

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