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Using symbols

Before symbols are used one should ensure that a site or service meets with accessibility standards. This can prevent situations where, for example, a symbol is used carelessly and an elevator turns out not to have enough space. The checklists available on this website can be used to help in the assessment of the accessibility of a site.

Using symbols in signage

Symbols can be used in signage either independently or alongside text. A good sign marking a physical environment is clearly distinguishable, unambiguous and naturally located. The location of the sign and the linked symbol should preferably be defined already in the stage of designing a building, space or service. All the routes, services and auxiliary aids in the public areas should be indicated with signs.

Symbols in brochures and online

Brochures and websites provide, along with other details, information on accessibility. Symbols support the visual message. In developing accessible communication it is important that the website is technically accessible (see Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.0), which means that the site is easy to use and the images are always accompanied with corresponding texts.

Some examples of using symbols to support communication can be found on e.g. the following websites (links have been checked 7.12.2022):

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