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Regional accessibility

Can you find a library or museum within walking distance? 

Can you catch a local bus to a concert or theatre? 

Is the distance to cultural services reasonable? 

Regional access to cultural services is related to the amount and type of cultural provision in different parts of Finland. 

Cultural provision can vary considerably from region to region. In the capital region and large cities, there is often a high level of cultural provision. In densely populated areas, local transport is also often a viable and affordable alternative to getting to services. In smaller towns and cities, the nearest theatre or concert hall may be tens or even hundreds of kilometres away, and public transport may not be an option if it is not widely available.  

Cultural policies of accessibility 

In particular, libraries and adult education centres operate extensively throughout Finland. Other cultural institutions such as theatres and orchestras are also maintained throughout Finland. Regional coverage is based on the cultural policy that professionally produced cultural services should be equally available throughout Finland. The state provides funding to maintain cultural operators in different regions, and the Municipal Cultural Activities Act (166/2019) defines the tasks of each municipality in organising cultural services.

This allows you to improve regional accessibility: 

Go on tour! 

  • Organise touring activities in different regions.
  • Visit people in different places, such as service centres or prisons. This will help make provision more accessible to those who, for one reason or another, cannot travel to the provision. 
  • Consider different pop-up events or activities in unexpected places and away from your own premises. 

Bring the audience to you 

  • Arrange transport to the venue. Transport can be provided for everyone, for example from an agreed departure point for a particular performance, or it can be provided on request. It's worth trying different solutions to make getting around easier. Sometimes you can even attract visitors with free transport. 

Possibility of remote participation 

  • Bring arts and culture online. For example, try online exhibitions. 
  • Offer live webcasts of concerts and events. 
  • In some cases, making a traditional recording and showing it online or on TV can also be a solution. 

Remember information 

  • Inform and invest in visibility in your local area. Not everyone may be aware of cultural activities in their area. Studies show that living just three kilometres from the city centre reduces the use of cultural services. Knowing that there is a museum or theatre next door, for example, can be an incentive to visit. 
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