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Arlene Tucker

Arlene Tucker.

Arlene Tucker (she/her)

Areas of expertise and interest: visual arts, pedagogical applications, semiotics, intercultural communication, active listening, third culture kids, Nonviolent Communication, somatic approaches to support anti-racist practices

Diversity training working languages: Finnish, English

Arlene Tucker’s socially engaged work utilizes translation studies, semiotics, and feminist practices. She currently works as a diversity expert at Culture for All Service and was the coordinator of the Diversity Agent 2.0 course. The Diversity Agent 2.0 course, organized by Culture for All Service in collaboration with Globe Art Point, aims to train diversity agents in the arts and culture field, promoting anti-racist work and providing tools to promote diversity and equality in the arts and culture field. The aim of the Diversity Agent is to raise awareness of the past and the present, and thereby move forward and work more effectively towards an equitable society.

Aside from the diversity work Arlene also works as an artist and educator. She creates installations and dialogue based experiences. Arlene has a bachelor's degree in film, video and painting (Savannah College of Art and Design), a master's degree in semiotics (University of Tartu) and a teacher's certificate from the University of Helsinki.

Tucker comes from a multicultural, multilingual and multiracial family, which has given her the insight and motivation to seek how we can better listen to each other and live together more peacefully. In addition to her roots in Taiwan and the USA she has lived in Belgium, Czech Republic and Estonia. Tucker has been based in Finland since 2011. 

Arlene is a certified Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development Dialogue Cards workshop facilitator.

Arlene has done DEI work with: W A U H A U S, ELY-keskus, Pixelache ry, Catalysti ry, Saimaa-ilmiö 2026, Agents of Change: Mediating Minorities, Vankilamuseo, Kolibri Festivaali, #StopHatredNow, Node Center for Curatorial Studies

Links: arlenetucker.net

Contact info: arlene.tucker@cultureforall.fi

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