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Diversity agent 2.0 course and online diversity clinics

In August 2021, a new Diversity Agent Course 2.0 and Diversity Clinic project was launched in the Culture for All service. The project partner is Globe Art Point ry.

The aim is for cultural actors to better identify issues related to racism and discrimination, to better take into account diversity, to identify barriers to inclusion, to find ways to address discrimination and racism, and to identify the skills and expertise of racialized and foreign born artistic and cultural professionals and not forgeting intersectionality. 

Diversity agent training and clinic piloting carried out by a diversity educator, with a special focus on issues related to racism and discrimination, identification of diversity, showing barriers to inclusion, identifying and addressing discrimination, and supporting e.g. equality work. The aim is to provide tools for art and cultural institutions across Finland to take better account of diversity and have antiracist tools remotely in the form of online clinics.


Arlene Tucker, diversity educator
Tel. 040 634 1938

More text is coming. 

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