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Culture for All Service's email list is meant for anyone interested in learning more about or sharing information and events regarding accessibility of art and culture, diversity, equity and inclusion matters.

The list offers news on timely matters. Members of the list can share information on their experiences and events and ask for useful tips from others.

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Privacy protection

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How to send your message to the list

Members can send messages to the list through the email address:


  • You can use as many languages as you like, but please add at least a short summary in English. 
  • Do not put the address Cultureforall@accessibility-lists.info as cc or bcc. Your message will be automatically rejected if you do so.
  • Please do not send attachments, like pictures or PDFs to the list.
  • Please don't send your own newsletters to the list: instead choose the news that are relevant to the list and send them in text form.
  • Please give your message an informative title.

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