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We gladly perform customized accessibility surveys of cultural sites according to the client´s needs.

You can commission from us

  • An accessibility survey of a cultural site: we evaluate the accessibility of built environments and services
  • A follow-up survey of an already evaluated site
  • A partial survey upon separate agreement, such as an assessment of services to supplement a survey of the built environment performed by some other evaluator.
  • A compilation of audience feedback from diverse visitors as part of a survey (Gathering audience feedback)

A survey provides information on the functionality of a museum, theatre, library or event. It helps in developing communications, facilities and supply so that as many visitors as possible get to participate. Our surveys especially pay attention to users with mobility or functional concerns. They are based on guidelines, construction law and experiences of effective solutions.

Some sites we have surveyed:

  • Rapolanharju prehistoric heritage site in Sääksmäki
  • National Museum of Finland
  • Helsinki Art Museum
  • Provincial Museum of Lapland
  • Salo Art Museum
  • Stundars Open-Air Museum in Korsholm
  • Ryhmäteatteri's stage on Helsinginkatu
  • Espoo City Theater
  • Science Centre Heureka

The clients have made use of the surveys especially in the planning of renovations or as part of their grounds when looking for new resources for development.
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