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Artworks by Kemê and Arlene Tucker

Let's talk about Mellanförskap, In-betweenness

Welcome to participate in a seminar on Mellanförskap and how it relates to your organisation's recruitment practices and audience engagement. Diversity Agents Kemê Pellicer and Arlene Tucker will facilitate this conversation. The event is free to participate and will be held on November 6th at Kääntöpaikka in Arabia, Helsinki from 13:30-15:00.

“Mellanförskap (In-betweenness) is a feeling that is found when one moves between or outside established norms around national or cultural identity. The feeling of in-betweenness has been created by a certain form of exclusion and marginalisation (Arbouz, 2012).”

During our time together, we will explore the meaning and implications of this term, which has no direct translation in other languages. With whom does Mellanförskap resonate with? What are the boundaries of Mellanförskap, and how can a deeper awareness and understanding of it bring to light one’s needs? How does Mellanförskap change and evolve depending on circumstance and context? 

This conversation will hopefully give you insight on how you can develop inclusive practices and embrace diversity within your organization and with your community.

We will approach In-betweenness as a bridge between us, the borders where art and society unite to create a togetherness honouring our myriad of individual realities.

For: Arts & Cultural institution workers, Municipality workers

Where: Kääntöpaikka, Intiankatu 1, 00560 Helsinki

When: Monday, November 6, 2023

Time: 13:30-15:00

Language: main language of the conversation will be English, but Finnish is also encouraged and spoken by the facilitators.


Kemê is a poet, parent and multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki. She works with concepts such as memory, representation, symbols, archetypes and rites in a process striving to embrace the complexity of our construction and the constructions we inhabit. Kemê also works as a facilitator, educator and coordinator through antiracist and intersectional feminist processes. More information: Kemê's Diversity Agent profile

Arlene’s socially engaged work utilizes translation studies, visual art, semiotics, and feminist practices. She currently works as a diversity expert at Culture for All Service and runs the project Diversity as a starting point for municipalities' art and culture activities in 2025. 


Please register to the event by October 27th by emailing arlene.tucker@cultureforall.fi. The space can provide up to 30 places.

Let's talk about Mellanförskap, In-betweenness is part of Diversity as a starting point for municipalities' art and culture activities in 2025 project.

We look forward to meeting you. 


Kemê & Arlene

Arbouz, D. (2012) 'On the meaning of non-belonging and feelings of 'in-betweenary in Contemporary Swedish Society'. In, On Race and Whiteness in Contemporary Sweden], (pp. 37-42) (Eds.) T. Hübinette, H. Hörnfeldt, F. Farahani, & R. L. Rosales, Botkyrka: Mångkulturellt Centrum

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