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Our aims at elections

  • Aims of the Culture for All Service at the Finnish parliamentary election 2023

    The past years of struggle with the pandemic and cutbacks in the cultural sector have presented serious challenges to the actors in the Finnish field of arts and culture. Actors in the free field, freelancers and professionals belonging to various minorities are now in an especially vulnerable position. The financial distress has also hindered the realization of cultural rights throughout the society. At the same time, the crises of recent years have shown how important the arts and culture are for coping, wellbeing and inclusion.  Moreover, various surveys and research projects have demonstrated the significance of arts and culture, not only to our wellbeing, but also to the national economy. 

  • Towards an equal culture field – our aims for municipal elections

    All municipal residents have the right to art and culture!

  • Aims of the Culture for All for the government program 2019-2023

    Spring 2019 we face the upcoming Parliament elections and the formation of the new government and the writing of a new government program. The focus of the government program's on culture is an important issue - not just a cultural policy issue, but also an issue of equality.

    We published our aims for the government program for the years 2019-2023 in the form of fact sheets.

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