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Kemê Pellicer

Keme Pellicer.

Kemê Pellicer (she/her/Kemê)

Areas of expertise and interest:working/coexisting with our differences, rehearsing awareness, creating and maintaining spaces for exchange and dialogue, self-reflexivity, self-care and care for others, empowering collaborations, accountability, non-oppressive, inclusive structures and processes, transparent use of power, fostering the means to try, fail, learn, cheering vulnerability and dismantling bias. 

Diversity training working languages: English

Kemê is a poet, parent and multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki who works with photography, performance, installation and text, often hybridising them. While her curiosity leads her to work with concepts such as memory, representation, symbols, archetypes  and rites, Her process embraces the complexity of our construction and the constructions we inhabit. She is most experienced in the fields of visual arts, performance art, literature, children culture, education, and coordination.

As a cultural worker her interest in psychology, sustainability, and good practices within the Culture and the Arts field is summed up by her multicultural background and continuous self-learning. She has worked in different capacities in Finland and the Nordic Countries since 2016, as ex. facilitator, educator , host, artistic content producer or coordinator. Striving to contribute to the community bettering through antiracist and intersectional feminist practices.

She is currently co-curator of the #Stophatrednow festival and was Co-vice-chair of Critical Friends' Group, promoting the Inclusive and Diverse Sector in the Nordics ("An inclusive cultural sector in the Nordics" project led by Arts Council Norway). 

Kemê is a certified Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development Dialogue Cards workshop facilitator.

Kemê has done DEI work with: Globe Art Point ry, The Artists' Association of Finland, Cupore, Catalysti ry, Cultural Center Caisa, Helsinki City, Espoo Museum of Modern Art-Emma, Suomen Tarinat museums partners, The Nordic Library Network, Hanaholmen Culture Center, Helsinki Art Museum-HAM, Pixelache festival, NODE center and The Nordic Arts Councils. 

Links: www.onehatmanyheads.com

Contact info:keme@gmx.es, +358 45 263 8102 
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