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In need of inspiration for accessibility and diversity work? Check out our new checklist for museums!

Two persons are touching tactile art work, headphones on. One of them has a white cane. More people behind them, one has a guide dog.
Picture: Kristina Vasileva.

Does considering accessibility feel like a challenge? Do you know how to take diversity into account in your work? How can equality and equity be developed in museums?

Culture for All Service has published a new accessibility and diversity checklist for museums to be used in everyday work. It can be used to independently assess and develop accessibility and diversity in museums. The aim is to make museums as pleasant and important places for as many people as possible.

The checklist serves as a support for considering different aspects of accessibility and for developing your own ideas. It can be used as a tool in the museum's day to day work. You can copy parts of the list and modify them so that they better suit your own needs, for example as support in planning communications or exhibitions, as a checklist in customer service, as introduction material for new employees and so on. Please note that there are two versions: a PDF version and an accessible DOCX version. It is easier to cut out parts and modify them from the DOCX version.

The checklist has been published in Finnish and Swedish on the website of Culture for All:

Museoiden saavutettavuuden ja moninaisuuden tarkistuslista [PDF]

Museoiden saavutettavuuden ja moninaisuuden tarkistuslista [DOCX]

Tarkistuslistat arvioinnin tueksi - museot.

Checklista gällande tillgänglighet och mångfald i muséer [PDF]

Checklista gällande tillgänglighet och mångfald i muséer [DOCX]

Tillgänglighet: checklistor.

Many experts from the museum sector and other experts gave us comments on the checklist at different stages of the writing process. Many thanks to everyone who participated! The checklist is an updated and extended version of the previously published Museoiden esteettömyyden tarkistuslista (“Accessibility checklist for museums”, Sari Salovaara and Tuuli Rajavuori / Culture for All Service 2004).

Culture for All

Publisher of the checklist, Culture for All Service / Association for Culture on Equal Terms, promotes cultural services that are inclusive, equitable and take diverse audiences and art professionals into account. For example, the service offers information and tools for professionals in the museum field to improve accessibility and knowledge of diversity. www.cultureforall.fi

More information:

Outi Salonlahti

Senior Specialist, Accessibility and Communications 

Culture for All

Email: outi.salonlahti@cultureforall.fi

tel. 040 963 9908 (Country code +358)


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