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Laura Gazzotti

Laura Gazzotti.

Laura Gazzotti (she/her)

Areas of expertise and interest: cultural production, accessibility, inclusion and anti discriminatory practices in the children’s culture sector: libraries and cultural centers, and  networking and connecting people/organizations/initiatives in the sector, community engagement and agency; inter-transculturalism, multilingualism and plurilingualism in arts, literature and science for children, research in representation in children's literature and children books colections in public libraries.

Diversity training working languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Laura is an expert in process-based cultural production and community buildings focused on diversity in the children's culture sector. I build intercultural, interdisciplinary, intergenerational and multilingual spaces and events around children's culture and diversity and inclusion for children and their families with different backgrounds and origins. I produce training in the area of children literature and illustration, and animation, also in the children sector about inclusion, diversity, and agency for professionals and students in these areas as well as for parents and multicultural organizations. I am the co-founder of Cinemaissí, Helsinki Latino Film Festival (www.cinemaissí.org) and of Kolibrí Festivaali (www.kolibrífestivaali.org)

I hold a MA in Arts from the University of Helsinki and a degree in Educational Sciences specialized in non-formal education from the University of Buenos Aires. Since 2004, I have been working as a freelance cultural producer in Helsinki where I specialize in creating events that promote inclusion, mutual understanding, equal treatment and respect from early ages in cultural centers and public libraries in Helsinki and the metropolitan area. I am Kulttuurikeskus Ninho ry’s (www.ninho.fi) producer and Kolibrí Festivaali’s artistic director.

Laura is a certified Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development Dialogue Cards workshop facilitator.

Laura has done DEI work with: Svenska Kulturfonden, Helmet, Vantaa City: Children's Culture Direction, Kotka City: Children's Culture Direction, Oulu City: Children Culture Direction and Tampere City: Children Culture Direction, Globe Art Point and Finnish Ibero-American Institute, Ministry of Education and Culture, Helsinki Tram Museum.

Contact info: laura.gazzotti@gmail.com

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