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Sadjad Shokoohi

Sadjad Shokoohi.

Areas of Expertise: interculturalism and intercultural dialogue; audience development; social inclusion and social cohesion through arts and cultural activities; identity and identity construction online; multimodality; and education.

Contact info: sadjad.shokoohi(a)gmail.com

Sadjad Shokoohi (aka Sadi) is a Helsinki-based researcher, consultant and trainer working on the concepts of diversity, inclusion, interculturalism and strategic audience development. Sadjad holds graduate degrees in Intercultural Studies and Educational Sciences, and he is a certified Diversity Agent under the license of Culture for All Service, Globe Art Point and Center for Cultural Policy Research Cupore which operate in the field of arts and culture in Finland.

For over a decade, he has collaborated with educational, arts and cultural organizations delivering training, evaluation insights, policy recommendations and operational strategies for improving the situation of socio-cultural inclusion and representation of minorities and underrepresented groups. Some of the organizations and institutions that he has collaborated with include Ministry of Education and Culture, University of the Arts Helsinki, Cultura Foundation, City of Vantaa, Tampere Film Festival, New Theatre Helsinki, and Helsinki International Artists Association.

His main research interests and workshop programs include interculturalism and intercultural dialogue; socio-cultural inclusion through arts and cultural activities; multimodality; identity and identity construction online.

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