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World Theatre Day is also Inclusion Day

World Theatre Day & Inclusion day 27.3.2020.

Theatre Info Finland TINFO – together with the Culture for All service, Ursa Minor, DuvTeatern, Globe Art Point and The Association of Finnish Theatres – has declared Inclusion Day, which is celebrated on Friday, 27th March 2020. Inclusion Day is a campaign that involves – among other things – a declaration and sharing good practices.

Video: The Declaration of the Inclusion Day 2020. The declaration is written and signed by Noora Karjalainen, the artistic director of Ursa Minor. The video is in Finnish Sign Language and subtitled in Finnish.

The goal of the Inclusion Day campaign is to draw attention to equal opportunities for artists and other dramatic professionals and accessibility of theatrical experiences for everyone. We are asking whether equality and equal opportunities are actually realised. For example, who are the people we see on stage and in other professional roles in theatres? In the campaign, we will bring attention to well-implemented performances, such as a sign-language theatre and other productions where actors with different functional capabilities are in the limelight.

More information about the campaign in English: tinfo.fi/en/inclusion
More information about the campaign in Finnish: tinfo.fi/inkluusio.

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