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Open Call for artists that are POC or have disabilities - Kolibrí Festivaali 2022

This opportunity is offered for artists, scientists and other cultural workers with disabilities or POC working in the field of children's culture. 

Kolibrí Festivaali is looking for you! We still have some open spots: 

  • 1 for a concert for plurilingual children of all ages and their families (maximum of 4 musicians) or a performance (maximum of 3 artists);
  • 2 for multidisciplinary workshops focused: 1 on families with babies and 1 on plurilingual children aged 1-7 and their families.

This initiative is part of our goal to continually improve inclusion and diversity in all of our activities and programs.

Kolibrí Festivaali is a unique multicultural, multilingual, free and open art festival for children and their families. Every year we host a week of workshops, concerts, performances, exhibitions and seminars for children and their families. You can learn more about Kolibrí on our website. 

Kolibrí's program for families will take place on 24.9. at Sello (Espoo), 25.9. at Lastenkulttuurikeskus Pessi (Vantaa) and 1.10. at Annantalo (Helsinki).

Kolibrí Festivaali is a project of Kulttuurikeskus Ninho Ry

What we offer: 

  • Competitive compensation;
  • Chance to be included in NINHO Catalogue 2023, which showcases our selection of cultural offerings for children. The Catalogue will be offered to our partners and cultural institutions all over Finland;
  • Intercultural networking and multilingual encounter opportunities;
  • Access to our training materials. 

If you are interested, fill out your proposal on Office Forms until 15.6. You will find detailed information about what we are looking for in our blog

Don't hesitate to contact Andréa Santos Brito, our Inclusion and Accessibility Coordinator, at andrea.santos.brito@ninho.fi, in case you need more information or any accommodations regarding the application process. Feel free to contact Andréa as well if you have any other concerns about accessibility. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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