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Womarts Masterclass with Director Katja Gauriloff on 13th March

Director Katja Gauriloff hosts a Womarts Masterclass at Tampere Film Festival, organised by WIFT Finland in collaboration with International Sámi Film Institute. Katja Gauriloff will share her path as a filmmaker and talk about her passion and inspiration for filmmaking. Gauriloff wants to represent her own cultural background and bring forth her voice as a Skolt Sámi filmmaker. She wants to increase the equality and diversity of native filmmakers.

Katja's motivation for being a Womarts Ambassador

As a Womarts Ambassador I have the opportunity to tell about my art not only on a personal level but also as a representation of my people and their history and current situation. Sámi people are evaluated to be the most researched native people in the world. After the centuries long external examination of my people, the medium of filmmaking has proven to be the most successful way for us to take back ownership our stories, to tell about us in our own way. Being a native storyteller is meaningful to me – especially now when there is genuine interest in the stories of different native peoples in the world. It is important to me to be able to help Sámi films to be elevated from the margins to become films for bigger audiences.


The moderator of the masterclass is Liisa Elisabet Holmberg who is a film commissioner at the International Sámi Film Institute. The institute wants to partner up with Womarts because native women are productive filmmakers. The majority of Sámi filmmakers are women and because of that they should have a strong standing in the international filmmaking scene as well. Sámi stories interest and touch various audiences, and they are becoming more and more mainstream in the world.

Katja Gauriloff

Katja Gauriloff (b. 1972) is a Skolt Sámi film director and screenwriter who lives and works in Lapland. She is also a co-owner of the Oktober Production Company. Her documentary films A Shout into the Wind, Canned Dreams and Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest have been awarded the State Quality Support for cinema productions in Finland. Her films has been screened and awarded at various festivals around the world. Canned Dreams and Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest have been both part of the Berlinale festival selection. Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest opened the Berlinale NATIVe section in 2017. Katja Gauriloff has been awarded for the Finnish National Film Awards (Jussi) for the best documentary film in 2016. Her first debut fiction feature Baby Jane which is based on a novel by award winning author Sofi Oksanen, was premiered 2019. Katja Gauriloff is currently working on her second fiction feature Je’vida which will be the first Skolt Sámi language feature film in history.


The Masterclass is in English.

Womarts events at Tampere Film Festival 2021

Saturday 13.3. at 14 – 15.15

Panel discussion: Intersectionality, Inclusion and Equality in Film and TV Productions

Saturday 13.3. ar 16 - 17.30

Womarts Masterclass with Director Katja Gauriloff.

The Masterclass will be live streamed to the YouTube channel of WIFT Finland. Masterclass will be available online for two weeks after the event.

More information:

Women in Film & Television Finland ry

Jenni Koski


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