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What’s the Use of Intersectionality? Exhibition 30 April–6 June, 2021

Stoa Cultural Centre (Helsinki) and online

What’s the Use of Intersectionality? is an outdoor and online exhibition curated by Feminist Culture House.

"Through a number of new commissioned artworks in the windows, courtyard, and flagpoles of Stoa Cultural Centre, us and our collaborators explore different ways to communicate and encounter intersectional feminism.

The flagpoles in Stoa’s courtyard exhibit a rotating group of artworks which represent the artists’ understandings of intersectional feminism. Nearby, a stage backdrop features an artwork by Jade Lönnqvist—an image their younger self would have wished to see in a public place. 

The exhibition also expands here on the FCH website, through 5 conversations with local and international curators, researchers and activists. The talks, which will focus on collectivity and intersectional feminism, will be live-streamed from our YouTube channel, and documented by artists in the form of visual notes."


  • POSTPONED! Bolanle Tajudeen, Founder of Black Blossoms, with visual notes by artist Paola Jalili.
  • Suhyun (Sonia) Choi, Co-Founder of By Us For Us, with visual notes by artist Apila Pepita. 13 May 2-3pm, Finnish time
  • Sippin’ T, Co-Founder of BBZ London, with visual notes by artist Kihwa-Endale.  13 May at 5pm Finnish time
  • Wisam and Mire, Co-Founders of Islamia Queeristi, with visual notes by artist Dasha Che. 20 May at 2pm Finnish time
  • Vica Kravtsova, Co-Founder of Feminist Translocalities and Aleksandra Biktimirova, curator of the Feminist Translocalities exhibition in Kazan, with visual notes by artist Simi Ruotsalainen. 3 June (time TBC)

What’s the Use of Intersectionality? (Feminist Culture House website)

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