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UrbanApa continues with the platform for feminist leadership

A platform for feminist leadership for professionals in arts and cultural field – working with frictions and fictions.

In spring 2021 UrbanApa produces the second edition of the platform for feminist leadership. The platform is based on peer learning and it aims to support participants in their own work and attempts to practice feminist leadership. The frame for learning consists of six workshops that intend to allow broader contemplation on feminist tools, leadership and structures. The goal is to summon artists to share and discuss, to empower, to increase understanding of structures and their limitations, and to provide tools for more feminist and inclusive practices, as well as to collectively dream about potential futures. We all have know-how to share. By gathering, and bringing that know-how forth, we create the platform for feminist leadership together.

The workshops will be held once a month (Feb-May 2021, one weekend in Fall 2021). The duration of each session is five hours (incl. lunch break), which consists of a lecture, a primer or introduction of the topic, and the follow-up exercises and discussions. The participants shall also reserve some time for independent work outside the workshops (reading articles and reflecting); either individually, or together with other participants. We hope that the participants commit to attending the platform.

The platform is facilitated by Sonya Lindfors, Olga Palo and Aliisa Talja. In addition the sessions will have guest lecturers and facilitators.

More information about UrbanApa's platform in Finnish and English

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