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Thesis: Developing Diversity in the Casting of Finnish Films and TV series

Milja Nieminen's Bachelor Thesis: Developing Diversity in the Casting of Finnish Films and TV series

The thesis is based on diversity statistics which were commissioned by Audiovisual Producers Finland - APFI and collected by the students of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The thesis is in Finnish.

Panel discussion

The recording of Finnish Film Affair Panel discussion on representation is available on YouTube for two weeks starting 6th May:

FFA 2020 – Representation. Now! (YouTube). The panel discussion is in English.

English summary of the thesis

“This thesis examines diversity and representation in the casting of Finnish films and TV series. Research question of this thesis is: How can the diversity in Finnish fictional films and TV series be developed and increased?

In the thesis I have compiled a statistic of cast members in productions that have premiered in 2019. The statistic examines people of color, sexual minorities, gender minorities, people with disabilities and also the ratio of cis male to cis female roles.

The research method of the thesis includes statistical study and theme interviews. In addition, literature written about film production and casting has been used as a resource. I have interviewed people widely from different areas of the film industry and human rights organizations to get a general view of the issues around diversity. The topic of diversity is current, broad and global, and the roots of representation are spread deep in history. The thesis examines the current status in Finland: what are the key points in developing inclusivity and ways to bring more representation to the Finnish film industry. 

In the qualitative interviews there is discussion of what it is like to work as a POC actor or actress in Finland, and how power and responsibilities are divided in the hierarchy of the productional and art department and distributors. The literature and especially the internet sources are mainly used to compare the industry of Finland to the global status quo and give an overview of the current status of minority groups in media, TV series and films.”

Read the whole thesis (in Finnish):

Diversiteetin kehittäminen kotimaisten elokuvien ja tv-sarjojen roolituksessa (PDF, apfi.fi)

More information:

Heli Vahvanen-Mölsä

Project Manager

Audiovisual Producers Finland – APFI


m: +358 50 491 1786

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