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Selkokulttuuri ry established

Selkokulttuuri ry is the first association in Finland that focuses on the production of cultural events in simple Finnish, selkosuomi.

The association presents itself:

Our aim is to support artistic expression and participation in arts and culture at all levels of Finnish language. Selkokulttuuri facilitates encounters in a warm and welcoming atmosphere and promotes inclusivity, equality and diversity in the cultural field and the society at large.

The five founding members met in the classroom, studying towards a Masters degree in Arts Management. Carly Markkanen, the president of the association, inspired her classmates with a vision for accessible high-quality cultural events where everyone feels welcome, regardless of the level of spoken Finnish. The idea sparked a conversation, that led to more discussion, planning, drafting, and more discussion again, and then, despite the pandemic and turbulent start of 2020, the new association was officially formed in late August!

"We are at the very beginning of our journey, looking at what is ahead of us with open minds and open hearts. Our diverse backgrounds and interests contribute to the fulfilment of the values we all share: inclusivity, equality, and love for art."


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