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50 years since homosexual acts were decriminalised in Finland

Year 2021 marks an important milestone in Finnish LGBT history: on 1st February it will be 50 years since homosexual acts were decriminalised in Finland. In addition, in June it has been 40 years since National Board of Health removed homosexuality from the classification of diseases.

Friends of Queer History (Finnish: Sateenkaarihistorian ystävät ry, Swedish: Queerhistoriens vänner rf) invite memory institutions and cultural organisations to join the celebrations in 2021. The association will coordinate the events of anniversary year and collect the program to the website:


Many museums and other organisations might already have some planned events and program for the year. Confirmed events can be already submitted via this form: Add your event to Queer History Month (in Finnish) sending the same information, including accessibility information to address sihteeri@sateenkaarihistoria.fi. If the event is not totally confirmed, but already planned, please let us know via email.


The same anniversary was celebrated in the UK in 2017. Here some tips on how to celebrate the anniversary:

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