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Open Call: Mental health projects and commissions for SICK! Festival 2022

The Finnish Institute in collaboration with SICK! Festival will commission two new pieces of work dealing with key societal issues: one will focus on the complexities of mental health during the menopause and another focusing on mental health of young men in today’s society and the challenges they face. 

The projects are to be realised in 2021–22 and will be presented as part of the next SICK! Festival in Manchester in March 2022. The selected project(s) will need to build a significant connection with a local community or communities in the Greater Manchester region. SICK! Festival will offer support for the development of the selected project(s) in terms of creative and dramaturgical guidance. 

Proposals should be sent by 4pm UK time 21.12.2020 to admin@fininst.uk and info@sickfestival.com, with the heading OPEN CALL 2021–22. Please note that we will accept applications by email only.

Open call: SICK! festival (fininst.uk)

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