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X Dance Festival 2018 – Dreams and Imagination 8. 6. – 10. 6.2018

Four days, three venues full with inclusive dance for kids and adults under the theme Dreams and Inspiration. With three premieres by Matt Shilcock (AU) & Kaaos Company, Liisa Pentti & Co and Favela Vera Ortiz!

Festival Program 2018

19:00: (Demo) Too Much, Too Young: Liisa Pentti & Co.

8.06.18 Children’s X Festival at Annantalo garden 16-18

Playful afternoon with dance for kids and families. Small performances, open dance workshops and activities, dj and café. Outdoor event.

Tremulous summer toes: Dance, music and visual art in the Annantalo garden. Works are made during kids’ art summer camp. Production Sanna Kuusisto/Annantalo, HAM and Band School of Northern Helsinki.

Where are my boundaries? Dance group Ihanat: workshop and performance. Choreographer Riina Hannuksela.

ROUTE 6353 excerpts & workshop. Choreography: Favela Vera Ortiz, Dancers: Titta Court ja Julie Cleves

9.06.18 Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas

10:00-12:00: Choreographic Lab: Invalid:Dated with Matt Shilcock (AU) and working group

14:00-15:00: Panel discussion – Meet the choreographers; Liisa Pentti, Matt Shilcock (AU), Favela Vera Ortiz, Georgie Goater (NZ), Elina Sarno and Annika Silander

15:30-17:00: Choreographic Lab: Route 6353 with Favela Vera Ortiz and working group

17:15-18:00 Dance films: The Eye Of The Norm (SE), INterRupt: Lau Lukkarila (AT), INterRupt: Sally Davison (FI)

Zodiak Stage and Lobby, Kaapelitehdas

19:00: Too Much, Too Young (premiere): Liisa Pentti and Co.(40 mins) @Stage

19:50: Urbanture:: Choreography: Ilona Kenova, Dancer: Marjukka Savolainen, Scenography: Jenny Olkkonen (10 mins) @Lobby

20:15: Patella – floating boat: Kaaos Company (50 mins) @Stage

10.06.18 Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas

12:00 -13:00 Dance films: The Eye Of The Norm (SE), INterRupt: Lau Lukkarila (AT), INterRupt: Sally Davison (FI)

13.00-14.30: Workshop: Dances to a Beat: Kati Korosuo

15.00-17.00: Kaaos Kollektiivi workshop: Improvisation workshop followed by an improvised performance with members of Kaaos Kollektiivi.

Zodiak Stage and Lobby, Kaapelitehdas

19.00: Alkemik konnections (premiere): Choreographers & Performers: Matt Shilcock, Melinda Tyquin & Kaaos Company (40 mins) @Stage

19.45: Can I see you: Choreographers & Dancers: Annika Sillander, Nanna Rahikainen & Eeva Simons (10 mins) @Lobby

20.10:  Route 6353 (premiere): Choreography: Favela Vera Ortiz, Dancers: Titta Court & Julie Cleves, Scenography: Lotta Esko, Sound Design: Johanna Storm. (45 mins) @Stage

For more information and tickets please visit the festival website.

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