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Place of Origin – exhibition and Indigenous Art in Arctic seminar in Rovaniemi Art Museum 19.10.2018–3.3.2019.

Rovaniemi Art Museum has produced an exhibition of contemporary native art of Alaska in collaboration the Anchorage Museum, Alaska. The exhibition shows art of indigenous people focusing on high quality and challenging works from Anchorage Museum’s collection.

The Anchorage Museum’s collections exist primarily as a means of fulfilling their mission to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret cultural materials which illustrate the art and history of Alaska and the circumpolar North. The Museum has important collections of Alaska Native artifacts, historical and contemporary artwork, and objects that illustrate Alaska's history.
The Alaska Native collections are the largest component of the Anchorage Museum’s collections. The Museum is particularly proud of its strong collection of contemporary Alaska Native art which contains works by Alvin Amason, Rebecca Lyon, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Erica Lord, Larry Beck, Nicholas Galanin and Sonya Kelliher-Combs as well as many others.  The exhibition Place of Origin will be shown in Rovaniemi Art Museum and Luleå Konsthallen 2018-2019. The exhibition makes both art and cultural heritage of the Arctic available and enables the better understanding of Northern art. Some of the Alaska Native art speaks of the cultural heritage in a whisper; some call out in a loud, clear voice.

Indigenous Art in Arctic
Seminar 18.10. at 11-16

The seminar Indigenous Art in Arctic provides an opportunity to meet the artists from Alaska, Greenland and Sami land. The exhibition Place of Origin is opening later on the evening.

For more information about the exhibition see: http://www.korundi.fi/eventscalendar/Place-of-Origin---Contemporary-Alaska-Native-Art/32810/6a5d7d6f-6efb-49e1-ae45-12b733b99ec2

For more information about the seminar see: http://www.korundi.fi/eventscalendar/Indigenous-Art-in-Arctic-Seminar-/32810/b41b4936-ac95-4528-9565-bb15640b9c73

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