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Outi Pieski’s Cuolmmadit exhibition in EMMA 12.9.2018-6.1.201

Outi Pieski (1973) is known for delicate but powerful installations and intricate paintings that draw on topical themes. Pieski, who has Sámi roots, deals especially with issues concerning Sámi culture. Her principal subjects include Sámi history and future, the rights of indigenous people and their relationship with nature, and sustainable development. A strong desire to make a difference is evident in her work and she often engages in collaborative projects to achieve change.

The title of the exhibition is in the Northern Sámi language and means "to tie many knots". It refers not only to the installation that has taken over the exhibition space and was tied from threads, but also to the Sámi craft techniques applied by her in many of her works. Use of the forms, colours and techniques of Sámi craft requires learning skills that were forgotten due to colonisation. It enables people to study their own culture and breathe new life into it. 

The exhibition is part of an award given to the artist in 2017 by the Fine Arts Academy of Finland and it was organised in collaboration with the Academy. 

The Fine Arts Academy of Finland Prize is awarded to a Finnish artist who is at their creative peak, and whose oeuvre deserves greater visibility and recognition. Another important criterion is that the artist’s work be of international interest. The prize was first awarded in 2013, to Tuomas A. Laitinen. The recipient for 2015 was Camilla Vuorenmaa. The prize is awarded in cooperation with the EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art. Included in the prize are a publication and a private exhibition at EMMA.

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