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Nardin Crisbi from Swedish Arts Council on exchange at Culture for all -service

Nardin Crisbi
Nardin Crisbi. Photo: Swedish Arts Council

Nardin Crisbi from Swedish Arts Council will be at Culture for all - service during five weeks. Nardin works with arts for childen issues and is here through the Nordic Council's exchange programme för state employees. He has a master degree in political science. Nardin has chosen Finland among other Nordic countries because he is especially interested in Finnish culture and history.

The objective of the exchange is to share knowledge and experience between Swedish Arts Council and Culture for all -service about accessibility, diversity and equal treatment. As a matther of act, both organisations strive for developing the filed of arts through accessibility and diversity. At the same time Nardin will make himself familiar with the Finnish infrastructure and field of arts as the language itself.

You can contact Nardin through the following email:


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